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Worldwide Websites Limited - SOLD

Regular price £250,000

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a unique opportunity has become available with multi £million profit potential. A complete .com concept has been created by experienced software developers in the UK.

It is a cloud based marketplace for businesses to sell their ecommerce websites and online businesses with global market worth £billions. Similar to Rightbiz but more focussed (online businesses only) and with a worldwide global market (not just the UK).

  • Complete marketplace website with back-end admin control
  • Four virtual office based in London, New York, Sydney and Bangkok
  • Fully automated billing system
  • Fully automated email reminder and marketing system (including newsletters)
  • Website is live and simply waiting for marketing activities
  • Multi-currency pricing system
  • Incorporated payment gateway and payment processing
  • Website can easily be adapted to be marketplace for all types of business (not just online)
  • High earnings potential with ongoing renewals
  • Facebook page included
  • Many additional revenue streams available from solicitors, banks, brokers, etc.
  • Can be operated from anywhere with low running costs
  • Initial software support and ongoing consultancy available

Software testing has been completed but due to unforeseen circumstances the planned owner of the project cannot proceed. This a created the chance for someone to benefit from this unique and potentially highly profitable opportunity within a global market.

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